EEO Public File for 2011

EEO Public File Report

Coast Radio Company, Inc.

KUIC Vacaville, KKDV Walnut Creek & KKIQ Pleasanton, CA


The EEO Public File Report is filed in station's public inspection file for KKDV, KKIQ and KUIC pursuant to section 73.2080 of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rules.

Coast Radio Company, Inc. has a basic obligation to widely disseminate information concerning each full-time job vacancy. This includes an affirmative obligation to provide notification to community and recruitment organizations that request information on job vacancies.

Our Equal Employment Opportunity Outreach program included events and on air promotion to help disseminate information to our broad and vast listening audience as well as to potential applicants who have gone to the KUIC, KKDV and KKIQ website for employment information. Coast Radio Company employs 37 full time employees. Below is a list of items that we completed for our Equal Employment Opportunity Outreach Program.


Station(s): KKDV, KKIQ, KUIC
Community(ies) of License: Walnut Creek, Livermore, Vacaville, CA
Date of Annual Report: 01-Aug-11
No. of Full-time Employees: 5 10:         / More than 10:    X   

X Participated in at least 8 job fairs by station personnel who have substantial responsibility in making hiring decisions.
  1. 9/1/10- California Job Journal
  2. 10/7/10-Workforce Investment Board
  3. 1/18/11- Job and Education Expo
  4. 4/2/11-City of Vacaville Career Fair
  5. 4/7/11-Workforce Investment Board
  6. 4/20/11-NCBA Job Fair
  7. 4/27/11- Solano Community College Career Fair
  8. 5/4/11-Los Medanos Career Fair

All events attended by Coast Radio's HR coordinator.

X Listed each upper-level category opening on a job bank or newsletter of media trde groups whose membership includes substantial participation of women and minorities.
  1. Alliance for Women in Media
  2. Bay Area Black Journalist Association
  3. Bay Area S.T.A.R.
  4. California Broadcasters Association
  5. Northern California Broadcasters Association
X Management Training     Sexual Harassment Prevention Training   
    7/28/11-Radisson Hotel
    5000 Sierra Point Parkway
    Brisbane, CA
    12 managers and supervisors attended.
X Maintained an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for broadcast employment. Coast Radio Company, Inc regularly monitors the diversity of our workforce and has in place a program to ensure we have a workforce that reflects the community. Coast Radio Company, Inc. therefore established the Promotion/Programming Assistant Intern Program as an effective way of assisting members of the local community to acquire skills needed for broadcast employment. The intern is part time, paid and can be a student working for academic credits or someone with the desire to work in radio.

See Exhibit A" regarding the Promotion/Programming Assistant Intern Program.

Click Here for the list of Interns added during the reporting period.

X Participated in other activities designed by the station employment unit reasonably calculated to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities. Coast Radio Company, Inc. found the most effective way of disseminating information as to employment opportunities was to advertise these opportunities to the community by distributing our Job Announcement Flyers at numerous well attended events.

See Exhibit B" for a list of events where flyers were distributed.


All full-time job vacancies filled by employment unit, identified by hire date, job title, and source referring person hired.

Date of Hire

Job Title

Recruitment Source Referring Hiree


Account Executive


Account Executive


Account Executive


Account Executive

Staff referral

Account Executive



Total Number of Persons Interviewed during the Reporting Period: 22

Recruitment Sources Used in Preceding Year

Number of Persons Interviewed that the Source Referred





Former Employee/Referral


Station Website/On-air



Interviewee Recruitment Sources

Recruitment Source A,B, and C

Recruitment Source D

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