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Other Events & Activities

Coast Radio Company, (KKDV, KKIQ & KUIC), attended numerous events and found the events were the most effective way of disseminating information to the local community about job opportunities at the radio stations.

The following are events at which the employment flyers were distributed:

Date Event Titles Station   Date Event Titles Station   Date Event Titles Station
7/22/10 Livermore Farmers Market KKIQ   7/26/10 Danville Chamber Aloha Golf classic KKIQ   8/5/10 Discover Danville Summer Fest KKIQ
8/14/10 Livermore Charter School KKIQ   8/14/10 Livermore Salsa Festival   KKIQ   8/21/10 Centex Homes KKIQ
8/21/10 Future Hyundai KKIQ   8/26/10 Sleep Train Foster Kids KKIQ   8/28/10 Dublin Chevrolet KKIQ
8/28/10 William Lyons Homes Paradise Valley  KKIQ   9/4//10 Wente Vineyards (Discover the Wine, Discover the Music KKIQ   9/16/10 Special Olympics “Cop on Top” fundraiser KKIQ
9/19/10 2010 Start! Heart Walk KKIQ   9/25/10 Kidsfaire  KKIQ   10/1/10 Dow Chemical Golf Classic in Antioch KKIQ
10/2/10 Livermore Airport KKIQ   10/2/10 Fall Home and Garden Show - Pleasanton KKIQ   10/16/10 East Bay BMW KKIQ
10/22/10 Dickey’s BBQ Pit KKIQ   10/30/10 East Bay BMW KKIQ   10/30/10 Lifestyles RX KKIQ
11/6/10 John Muir Health - Concord KKIQ   11/6/11 Discovery Homes-Dublin KKIQ   11/7/10 Discovery Homes-Dublin KKIQ
11/11/10 Danville Livery KKIQ   11/20/10 Shea Homes KKIQ   11/20/10 Livermore Downtown, Inc.  KKIQ
12/4/10 LAVTA Stuff the Bus/Food Collection KKIQ   12/4/10 East Bay BMW KKIQ   12/8/10 Sleep Train Toy Drive/Listener Appreciation Party KKIQ
2/12/11 Keypoint Credit Union KKIQ   12/12/11 Sleep Train Foster Kids-Concord KKIQ   12/19/12 Home and Garden Show-Pleasanton  KKIQ
3/5/11 Centex Homes KKIQ   3/24/11 Fremont Bank-Pleasanton KKIQ   3/26/11 Cyclone Martial Arts-Livermore  KKIQ
4/2/11 John Muir Health Center-Walnut Creek KKIQ   4/16/11 Sleep Train Foster Kids-Concord KKIQ   4/30/11 Livermore Wine Country Festival KKIQ
5/17/11 Amgen Tour/”Bike Night”-Livermore KKIQ   5/21/11 Shea Homes-Oakley KKIQ   5/21/11 Dana’s Bridal Gallery-Pleasanton KKIQ
5/22/11 Standard Pacific Homes-Antioch KKIQ   5/26/11 Doggie Nights-Danville KKIQ   5/27/11 Six Flag Discovery Kingdom KKIQ
5/29/11 San Ramon Art&Wind Fest  KKIQ   6/4/11 Contra Costa Fair-Anitoch  KKIQ   6/4/11 Uncle Credit Union KKIQ
6/9/11 Livermore Rodeo KKIQ   6/11/11 Standard Pac Homes-Mt.House KKIQ   6/11/11 B&S Auto Body KKIQ
6/19/11 Danville Fine Arts Faire KKIQ   6/25/11 Standard Pac Homes-Brentwood KKIQ   6/25/11 Dublin Toyota KKIQ
6/25/11 Tralee Village-Dublin KKIQ   7/4/11 San Ramon 4th of July KKIQ   7/9/11 Meritage Homes-Oakley KKIQ
7/22/10 Music and Market KKDV   7/29/10 Music and Market KKDV   8/3/10 National Night Out-Concord KKDV
8/5/10 Music and Market KKDV   8/12/10 Music and Market KKDV   8/16/10 Contra Costa Council Golf Tournament KKDV
8/19/10 Music and Market KKDV   8/21/10 Future Hyundai KKDV   8/26/10 Music and Market KKDV
9/2/10 Music and Market KKDV   9/9/10 Music and Market KKDV   9/11/10 OSH Grand Opening- Clayton KKDV
9/16/10 Music and Market KKDV   9/16/10 Music and Market KKDV   9/19/10 Art and Wine Fest-Lafayette KKDV
9/19/10 Start! Heart Walk-Danville KKDV   9/23/10 Music and Market KKDV   9/25/10 Chalk Art Fest-Martinez KKDV
9/25/10 Kidsfaire KKDV   10/1/10 Dow Chemical Golf Classic-Antioch KKDV   10/2/10 Clayton Oktoberfest KKDV
10/16/10 Travis Credit Union-Clayton KKDV   10/23/10 Las Trampas Inc - Lafayette KKDV   10/23/10 Home and Garden Show-Concord. KKDV
11/6/10 John Muir Health-Concord  KKDV   12/4/10 Walnut Creek Cadillac KKDV   12/5/10 Sport Stars Magazine-Walnut Creek KKDV
12/15/10 Walnut Creek on Ice KKDV   1/26/11 In-Shape Fitness -Concord KKDV   1/29/11 Six Flag Discovery Kingdom KKDV
2/12/11 Sleep Train Foster Kids-Concord KKDV   2/19/11 Concord Homda KKDV   2/20/11 Concord BMW KKDV
2/21/11 Concord Toyota KKDV   3/19/11 Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge KKDV   4/2/11 John Muir-Walnut Creek KKDV
4/9/11 Home and Garden Show-Concord KKDV   4/16/11 Sleep Train Foster Kids-Concord KKDV   4/30/11 Art and Wine Fest-Clayton KKDV
5/5/11 Music and Market KKDV   5/8/11 MomDay in the Park-Concord KKDV   5/12/11 Music and Market KKDV
5/14/11 Art on the Main-Walnut Creek KKDV   5/17/11 A Taste of Lafayette KKDV   5/18/11 Whole Foods-Lafayette KKDV
5/19/11 Music and Market KKDV   5/21/11 Walnut Creek Ford KKDV   5/26/11 Music and Market KKDV
5/29/11 Art and Wind Fest-San Ramon KKDV   6/4/11 Contra Costa County Fair-Antioch KKDV   6/2/11 Music and Market KKDV
6/19/11 Danville Fine Arts Faire KKDV   6/19/11 DadDay in the Park-Concord KKDV   7/7/11 Music and Market   KKDV
7/14/11 Music and Market  KKDV   7/21/11 Music and Market KKDV   7/24/10 5 Star Car Wash KUIC
7/24/10 Pepper Belly’s KUIC   7/30/10 Creekwalk KUIC   7/31/10 Dept. Boating KUIC
8/7/10 Westfield KUIC   8/11/10 Solano Public Health KUIC   8/12/10 Papa Murphy’s Pizza KUIC
8/13/10 Creek Walk KUIC   8/14/10 Efrain Marrero Breakfast KUIC   8/14/10 Tomato Festival KUIC
8/19/10 Papa Murphy’s KUIC   8/20/10 Delta Idol-Pittsburg KUIC   8/20/10 Verizon KUIC
8/21/10 Sutter Medical Center KUIC   8/21/10 VVSYL KUIC   8/26/10 Sleep Train Foster Kids  KUIC
8/28/10 Seeno Homes KUIC   8/29/10 Seeno Homes KUIC   8/28/10 Old West Western and Work KUIC
8/28/10 William Lyon Homes KUIC   9/1/10 Job Journal Job Fair KUIC   9/3/10 Dodge of Vacaville KUIC
9/11/10 Pittsburgs Seafood Festival KUIC   9/18/10 Girls Night Out KUIC   9/25/10 Vaca Commons KUIC
9/25/10 Women’s Expo KUIC   9/25/10 Discovery Builders KUIC   9/26/10 Discovery Builders KUIC
10/2/10 Suisun Waterfront KUIC   10/1/10 Dow Chemical Golf Tournament KUIC   10/7/10 WIB KUIC
10/8/10 Travis Credit Union KUIC   10/9/10 Kid Fest KUIC   10/16/10 Seeno Homes KUIC
10/16/10 Driven Raceway KUIC   10/17/10 Round Table Pizza KUIC   10/19/10 Travis Credit Union  KUIC
10/22/10 Carl’s Jr KUIC   10/23/10 Meeks KUIC   10/23/10 Sutter Health Expo KUIC
10/23/10 Duracite KUIC   10/30/10 Woodcreek Plaza KUIC   11/4/10 Taste of Home-Vallejo KUIC
11/7/10 Round Table Pizza KUIC   11/12/10 Titan Insurance KUIC   11/13/10 Del Taco KUIC
11/18/10 Absolute Health Fair KUIC   11/26/10 Six Flag Discovery Kingdom KUIC   11/26/10 Westfield Solano KUIC
12/10/10 Sleep Train Foster Kids KUIC   12/18/10 Goodwill-Vallejo KUIC   12/18/10 Goodwill-Brentwood KUIC
1/8/11 Solano Public Health-Vallejo KUIC   1/18/11 Jobs and Education Expo KUIC   1/29/11 Solano Public Health KUIC
1/29/11 Six Flags Jobs Fair KUIC   1/29/11 Solano Public Health KUIC   2/12/11 Sleep Train Foster Kids KUIC
2/17/11 Black Angus KUIC   2/19/11 Ashley Furniture KUIC   2/26/11 Solano Public Health-Northbay KUIC
3/11/11 Shellworth KUIC   4/1/11 Port of Subs KUIC   4/2/11 City of Vacaville Career Fair KUIC
4/2/11 Nutrishop KUIC   4/4/11 Fairfield Business Expo KUIC   4/7/11 WIB KUIC
4/16/11 Total Home and Garden KUIC   4/16/11 Sleep Train Foster Kids KUIC   4/16/11 Del Taco KUIC
4/17/11 Solano Public Health KUIC   4/20/11 NCBA Job Fair KUIC   4/22/11 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom KUIC
4/22/11 Pepper Belly’s KUIC   4/23/11 Ashley KUIC   4/23/11 Ron Dupratt Ford KUIC
4/23/11 Bunnies and Bonnets KUIC   4/27/11 SCC Career Fair KUIC   4/30/11 Loop the Lagoon  KUIC
4/30/11 Standard Pacific Homes KUIC   5/1/11 Vallejo Yacht Club KUIC   5/4/11 Los Medanos Job Fair  KUIC
5/20/11 Goodwill Stores KUIC   5/21/11 Duracite KUIC   5/21/11 Discovery Home KUIC
5/22/11 Discovery Homes KUIC   5/26/11 Port of Subs KUIC   5/27/11 Six Flag Discovery Kingdom KUIC
5/28/11 Ashley KUIC   5/28/11 Fiesta Days KUIC   5/30/11 Ron Dupratt Ford KUIC
6/2/11 Bay Medical Center KUIC   6/3/11 Subway KUIC   6/3/11 Creekwalk KUIC
6/4/11 Lynch Canyon Run KUIC   6/4/11 CCCF KUIC   6/11/11 Meeks KUIC
6/9/11 Marriott KUIC   6/10/11 Creekwalk KUIC   6/13/11 Weisman Mixer KUIC
6/17/11 Creekwalk KUIC   6/18/11 Specialty Sales KUIC   6/24/11 Creekwalk KUIC
6/23/11 Lucky Supermarket KUIC   7/1/11 Creekwalk KUIC   7/1/11 Huey’s KUIC
7/4/11 Dixon 4th of July KUIC   7/4/11 Suisun 4th of July KUIC   7/8/11 Cakewalk KUIC
7/9/11 Downtown Davis KUIC   7/10/11 Brentwood Cornfest KUIC   7/15/11 Creekwalk KUIC

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